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The Berman Jewish DataBank @ The Jewish Federations of North America offers open access to hundreds of quantitative studies of North American Jewry. We proudly partner with the Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ Stanford and the Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life at UConn. Our stakeholders include Jewish Federations and communal organizations, researchers, educators and students, foundations and philanthropists, social change agents, the media, and interested individuals.

Special Announcement

The 2017 Profile of Modern Orthodox Jews by Nishma Research has been added to the DataBank archives.  Internet survey of over 3,800 Modern Jewish Orthodox respondents focuses on consensus and fragmentation within Modern Orthodoxy, the role of women clergy within the movement, shul life, Jewish education, Israel, issues related to sexuality, etc.

The 2017 Omaha, NE Jewish community study - A Portrait of Jewish Omaha - has  been added to the DataBank archives.  The study was the first RDD-based study of the community ever!  Reports, slide shows, questionnaire, methodology and SPSS DATA files are available.

Results of the AJC 2017 Poll of American Jewish Opinion (reports, press release, frequencies, crosstabs, SPSS DATA files) have been posted and archived - September 2017.

September 2017 report from PRRI highlighting "America's Changing Religious Identity" has also been posted and archived.

Featured Study

The Nishma 2017 Research Profile of American Modern Orthodox Jews

Nishma Research, Mark Trencher | Micah Foundation, West Springfield, MA , 2017

2017 Internet Survey of over 3,800 Modern Orthodox respondents from over 40 states and the District of Columbia focused on the U.S. Modern Orthodox Jewish community. 

The study explored "successes and challenges" among the Modern Orthodox, the fragmentation of left vs. right, views on role of women (including as clergy), shul life, Jewish study and children’s education, Israel connection and sexuality issues (and many other topics).

Nishma's Research Profile of American Modern Orthodox Jews has two complementary reporting components: (a) a quantitative Internet survey summarized in the Profile reports, and (b) a qualitative "verbatim" quote summary from responses to open-ended questions in the survey.  

Materials available for downloading from the Berman Jewish DataBank: (a) Summary Report, (b) Main report, includes questionnaire, (c) Verbatim comments: Q. 43 and Q. 44 responses edited by Nishma Research, (c) Questionnaire (separate PDF), (d) Press release, (e) Data Files in SPSS format.

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New and Noteworthy

American Muslim Poll 2017, with comparisons to American Jews, Catholics and Protestants

Dalia Mogahed, Youssef Chouhoud | Institute for Social Policy and Understanding , 2017

AJC 2016 Report on Latino Jews in the United States

Latino Decisions | American Jewish Committee (AJC), Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute for Latino and Latin American Affairs , 2016

2015 Greater Boston Jewish Community Study

Janet Krasner Aronson, Matthew Boxer, Matthew A. Brookner, Charles Kadushin, Leonard Saxe | Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston (CJP) , 2015

Priced Out: How Household Income and Jewish Connections Determine Who Can't Afford Jewish Day School

Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz, Chaim Adler | Berman Jewish DataBank , 2016