Contemporary Jewry Special Issue on Local Jewish Community Studies


Contemporary Jewry, the journal of the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry, published a special issue on local Jewish community studies in October 2016.  Links to the issue's articles and responses are posted here courtesy of the journal publisher, Springer International Publishing, and the individual contributors. The links lead to online read-only versions of the contributions; they are not downloadable or printable.   


Harriet Hartman, Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue on Community Studies

Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz, The Challenges of Local Jewish Community Studies: An Introduction 


Main articles

David Dutwin, Everything You Need to Consider When Deciding to Field a Survey of Jews: Choices in Survey Methods and Their Consequences on Quality 

Ira Sheskin, Good Practices in Local Jewish Community Studies

Steven M. Cohen, Deficient if Not Distorted: Jewish Community Studies That Totally Rely upon Known Jewish Households

Janet Krasner Aronson, Matthew Boxer and Leonard Saxe, "All Politics is Local": Challenges in the Study of Local Jewish Communities

Susan J. Levine and Sindey Dranoff, Jewish Community Studies as Seen Through a Business Lens



Ron Miller, On Jewish Community Studies

Bruce A. Phillips, Reflections on Local Jewish Population Surveys

David A. Marker, Using Best Survey Practices for Jewish Community Studies

Alan Cooperman, Keeping Perspective: The Value of Studying Jews in a Comparative Context

Sergio DellaPergola, U.S. Jewish Community Studies: Eight Response Arguments

Bethamie Horowitz, Evolving Forms and Functions: Reconsidering Local Studies in Light of a Century of Practice

Barry Shrage, Data is Not Fate: The Federations' Role in Interpreting Community Studies



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