Metropolitan Atlanta Jewish Population Study, 1996

Sponsor(s): Atlanta Jewish Federation, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

Principal Investigator(s): Jacob B. Ukeles, Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: March, 1986

Population Estimates: An estimated 76,800 Jewish persons lived in approximately 38,100 Jewish households in Greater Atlanta in 1996. Total number of people living in these households was 95,400, including 18,600 non-Jewish household members (19% of all people in Jewish HH).
Key Findings: Major findings:
  • In 1996, Atlanta Jewish households are approximately 4.4% of all Greater Atlanta households; Jewish persons are 4.2% of all people in Greater Atlanta.

  • The total number of people living in Atlanta Jewish households was 66,900 in 1984, the date of the previous community study. That number increased to 95,400 in 1996, a 24% increase.

  • Jewish Atlanta was the 17th largest American Jewish community in 1996 (in 2006 with 76,800 Jews. Ten years later, in 2006, Atlanta had become the 11th largest American Jewish community with 119,800 Jews, a 56% increase (see the 2006 Greater Atlanta study in the Data Bank archives).

  • Jewish Atlanta was a young community in 1996. Children represented 26% of all people in Jewish households, while 15% of the 95,400 people living in Jewish households were at least age 60.
  • 34% of Jewish respondents identify as Reform Jews, 29% as Conservative Jews, 3% Orthodox, 1% Reconstructionist, and 34% as "Just Jewish." <>P

  • 57% of respondents said that being Jewish was very important to them.
  • Most ritual observance measures indicated minimal change since 1984; 74% of Jewish hou8sheolds in both 1984 and 1996 always/usually lit Chanukah candles; 76% always/usually attended a Seder in 1996, compared to 78% in 1984; 9% in 1996 and 10% in 1984 reported keeping kosher in their home. In contrast, aalways/usually lighting Shabbat candles declined from 28% in 1984 to 21% in 1996.

  • 37% of currently married couples were intermarried in 1996; 62% of marriages in the five years preceding the survey were intermarriages.

  • 37% of Jewish HH report congregation membership, a relatively low percentage compared to other American local Jewish communities.

  • 41% of Jewish HH report that someone in the household has been to Israel; 27% are very emotionally attached to Israel, while another 44% are somewhat attached.

  • 36% of all Jewish households surveyed reported a donation to the Jewish Federation; 50% report that they gave to Jewish charities other than the Federation.

  • All demographic and Jewish connection data analyses are supplemented with detailed geographic comparisons. Areas included are Northwest Atlanta, Northeast Atlanta, Cobb County, Sandy Springs-Dunwoody, and Northeast suburbs (including Alpharetta, Roswell, and western Gwinnett).
Sample: Adult Jewish Households in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area.

Sample Size: 687 completed interviews with Jewish households.

Sample Notes: Two sampling frames: 404 interviews derived from random digit dialing (RDD), and 283 cases from a random sample of distinctive Jewish names (DJN) from the telephone book.

WF= Weight factor, with a resultant N= 567 when using the data file. Weight does not extrapolate to the number of Jewish households in the Greater Atlanta area.

Weighting includes adjustments to make distinctive Jewish name (DJN) interviews resemble statistically the RDD interviews in terms of intermarriage and the age of the respondent. Weight factor also includes adjustments for multiple telephone line households.

Study Notes: Two reports were issued in 1996: a Summary Report and Market Research Report. Both were written by Ukeles Associates and Ira Sheskin. In 1996, Dr. Sheskin coordinated the interviewing and the weighting of the data. The "Slide Set" for 1996 was produced by Dr. Sheskin.

In 2000, Dr. Sheskin produced a DJN-based estimate update of the 1996 data, without conducting any interviews.

In 2004, Ukeles Associates (Dr. Ukeles and Dr. Ron Miller) completed a survey in North Metro Atlanta; available at the Data Bank. Sundel Research completed all interviewing, and MSG-GENESYS, Dale W. Kulp, President was responsible for sampling, estimation, and weighting.

In 2006, Ukeles Associates (Dr. Ukeles and Dr. Ron Miller) were the consultants for the Centennial Jewish Community Study of Greater Atlanta. ICR did the interviewing; MSG-GENESYS sampling, estimation, weighting.

All of these studies/reports are available through the Data Bank.

In 2006, the number of Jewish persons was estimated to be 119.800 compared to 76,800 in 1996.


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