Jewish Community Study of Greater Baltimore, 1999

Sponsor(s): The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

Principal Investigator(s): Jacob B. Ukeles, Ron Miller

Study Dates: March, 1999 - June, 1999; interviews completed by Sundel Research, Inc., Denver. CO.

Population Estimates:

An estimated 91,400 Jewish persons live in 36,600 Jewish households in the Greater Baltimore area. Including non-Jews, the total number of people living in these households is approximately 100,000.

Key Findings:

The Jewish population of Baltimore has been relatively stable since the previous study in 1985, with slight population increases. In 1985, 87,000 Jewish persons lived in 36,000 Jewish households. In 1999, an estimated 91,400 Jewish persons lived in the Study area.


Adult Jewish Households in the Greater Baltimore Area - including Baltimore City, Baltimore County and part of Carroll County contiguous to Baltimore County.

Sample Size: 1,027 telephone interviews completed in Jewish households (at least one adult in the household considered self Jewish).

Sample Notes:

The sampling design used by MSG-GENESYS Sampling Systems and Ukeles Associates focused on two stratified random sampling frames within Baltimore City and Baltimore County separately: (1) THE ASSOCIATED's List of known Jewish households, and 2) a residual random digit dialing (RDD) frame, which included all possible telephone numbers in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, after the List telephone numbers had been electronically purged. The two frames (List, residual RDD) were independent and complementary; telephone numbers were in one frame only.

In Carroll County a purely RDD sample was used.

The data are weighted to reflect estimates of Jewish households and Jewish persons in the Greater Baltimore area, as well as the total number of people living in Jewish households. Weights in Data File project precisely to: "HHWeight" (36,629 Jewish households), "JewWeigh" (91,357 Jewish persons), "PopWeigh" (99,867 people in the Baltimore Jewish households).

Research Methodology discussion in Main Report's Appendix provides details on sampling, estimation, weighting, etc.

Overall study response rate: 53%.

80% of identified Jewish households completed the survey.

Study Notes:

The 1999 Jewish Community Study of Greater Baltimore Main Report summarizes Jewish population study data in the Greater Baltimore area -  Baltimore City, Baltimore County and limited parts of Carroll County north/northwest of Baltimore County.

There are several additional reports: Aging, Jewish Communal Leadership, and Young Families with Children which combine analysis of the basic survey data with focus group interviews and planning/policy perspectives in order to suggest specific Jewish communal action programs for the Baltimore Jewish community.

A separate analysis of the Jewish community and Baltimore media is also included.


Survey Reports

» Baltimore 1999 Main Survey Report

» Media Report Baltimore 1999

» Communal Leadership Report Baltimore 1999

» Families Report Baltimore 1999

» Baltimore 1999 Aging Report

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» Screener Questionnaire Baltimore 1999

» Baltimore 1999 Questionnaire

Data Files and Data Definitions

» Zipped SPSS Data File Baltimore 1999

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