Broward County, Florida Jewish Community Study, 1997

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Broward County

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: RDD-based survey completed in 1997.

Update in 1999 based on analysis of DJNs (distinctive Jewish names) appearing in telephone directories.

Update 2008 also based on DJN-analysis - includes extensive geographic analysis.

Population Estimates:

In 1997, RDD-based study estimated that 240,000 Jewish persons resided in Broward County, FL in 133,000 Jewish households.  Including non-Jewish persons residing in these households, 269,100 people resided in these Jewish households.

In 1997, an additional estimated 600 Jews lived in non-residential facilities.


Adult Jewish Households in Broward County, Florida

Sample Size: 1,023 respondents in RDD-based telephone survey; March-April, 1997.

Sample Notes:

1997 survey utilized RDD (random digit dialing) sampling only. Sample disposition table is presented for first 10,000 of 18,000 RDD numbers used in the study.

Estimate of 133,000 Jewish HH in 1997 based on the percent of Jewish respondents in first 10,000 RDD numbers used; the initial estimate was that 20.4% of the households in the area were Jewish.  The estimate of Jewish households was increased by 5% as a correction factor for Jewish households which deny they are Jewish; other minor adjustments were made for non-reached telephone numbers.

Methodological details of HH estimation begins on page 22 of Main Report for 1997.

Data from 1997 survey are weighted to project to 133,000 Jewish HH utilizing "wf2." Weight factor "wf" gives same percentage results; N=923 in"wf" adjustment.

Please note that earlier studies in Broward County include Hollywood 1971, South Broward County 1990, and Fort Lauderdale 1991 (links on left side of page)

Study Notes:

The 2008 update by Ira Sheskin to the 1997 Jewish Community Study of Broward County uses a DJN methodology to estimate the size and geographic distribution of the Jewish population.

Thirty-one DJNs (distinctive Jewish names) listed in telephone directories/CD-ROMs were used to develop an estimate of the number of Jewish households, etc., for Broward County and sub-areas.

New interviews were not completed; the estimate for 2008 is based on an assumption that the percentage of DJNs to the Jewish population in 2008 was the same as in 1997.

2008 DJN estimate is not a substitute for an RDD-based survey of the Broward County Jewish community; the results of the DJN analysis - - indicating a significant decline in the Jewish population - - confirm the need for the community to do an RDD-based update in the near future.


Survey Reports

» 1997 Main Report

» 1997 Summary Report

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Other Documentation

» Transmittal Letter, 1997

» Jewish Demography Newsletter May 94

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