Chicago Metropolitan Area Jewish Population Study, 1990

Sponsor(s): Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago (JUF)

Principal Investigator(s): Peter Friedman

Study Dates: May 24, 1990 - October 14, 1990

Population Estimates: Report estimates 261,000 Jewish persons in 120,000 Jewish household; including non-Jews and individuals with ambiguous Jewish identity, a total of 302,400 people lived in these Jewish households.
Key Findings: Article available below which summarizes results of the study were written by Dr. Friedman and Dr. Bruce Phillips and published in 1994 in Contemporary Jewry.
Sample: Adult Jewish Households in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

The sampling universe included Jewish households located in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Sample Size: 2148

Sample Notes: Dual, randomly selected, complementary sampling frames were used to obtain the sample.

The data were gathered from 2,148 individuals in households with one or more Jewish individuals via a telephone interview survey.

A total of 1,593 interviews were completed from a list provided by from the Jewish United Fund of Chicago, and another 555 RDD (random digit dialed) interviews were completed from a total Chicago area RDD frame from which the Jewish Federation list had been eliminated.

The total number of randomly contacted households was 19,427, including the 2,148 Jewish household completed interviews.

Study Notes: Interviewing was conducted by Market Facts, Inc. Sid Groeneman, Ph.D was the Project Director for Market Facts and David Cur was the Project statistician.

Appendix describes all technical details, including sampling, estimation and weighting.


Survey Reports

» Jewish Identity and Continuity Report

» Contemporary Jewry Article

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» Questionnaire

Other Documentation

» Survey Methods and Population Projections

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