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Survey of Cleveland's Jewish Population, 1981

Sponsor(s): Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Study Dates: 1981. RDD based-survey with some additional Federation List and Distinctive Jewish Name interviews in areas outside the Jewish "core."

Population Estimates: Jewish household population estimate for 1981 is approximately 70,000 (69,300 plus an additional 750 institutionalized Jews). In addition, 2,100 non-Jews live in Cleveland Jewish households.
Key Findings: 1981 study results:
  • Jewish population declined from 1970 estimate (in this report) of approximately 83,500 Jews to approximately 70,000 in 1981.

  • Report notes radical change in the proportion of women with young children who are working full-time in 1981: approximately one-in-three.

  • 58% born Cleveland.

  • 11% of children live in one-parent households.

  • 61% of Jewish households are synagogue affiliated; Israel travel by 38% of households.

  • 90% of children ages 6-17 have had some form of Jewish education.

  • Intermarriage rate reported in approximately 11% of Jewish persons, which translates into approximately 19% of currently married couples (Data Bank conversion). Data analyzed by key geographic regions, which are described in detail in this report.
Sample: Adult Jewish Households in Cleveland and the Surrounding Suburbs

Sample Size: 723 completed interviews via telephone surveys which lasted 10-12 minutes.

Sample Notes: 1981 survey used RDD (random digit dialing) within the two major "Core" areas of Jewish settlement, and a combination of Federation list and DJN (distinctive Jewish names) in the areas with low Jewish incidence.

Data file is not weighted.

Report has minimal details on dates of interviewing, sample disposition, etc.

Study Notes: "Survey of 18-to-29 Year Olds: Information for Our Future." In addition to the Jewish Population report based on the 1981 data, the Population Study Committee added a few other sources of data and issued Report #4 on Cleveland's young Jewish adults. This study explored reasons for young Jews in Cleveland remaining in the area, or moving elsewhere.


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