Survey of Cleveland's Jewish Population, 1987

Sponsor(s): Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Principal Investigator(s): Ann G. Schoor

Population Estimates: 1987 Report estimates that there are 65,000 Jews and 26,500 Jewish households in Cleveland. In addition, approximately 5.000 non-Jews live in these Jewish households.
Key Findings: Report compares 1987 results to the 1981 study:

  • Number of Jews declined from 70,000 in 1981 to 65,000 in 1987;

  • Jewish population has aged since 1980; median age in 1981 was 32, is 39 in 1987.
  • In 1981, 14% of Jews were at least age 65, while in 1987, the percentage increased to 19%.

  • Synagogue affiliation decreased from 61% in 1981 to 58% in 1987.

  • Jewish connections relatively strong: 90% of children ages 6-17 have had some Jewish education, 42% of Jewish HH report a member has visited Israel, and 71% see the State of Israel as very important.

Sample: Adult Jewish Households in Cleveland and the Surrounding Suburbs

Sample Size: 833 completed telephone interviews in 1987.

Sample Notes: The sampling procedure was partially based on random digit dialing (85% of the interviews) and a combination of other methods, such as using Federation lists and local telephone books to identify people with Distinctive Jewish names.

Details on sampling disposition are not included in the Report

Estimate of Jewish households extrapolated from the number of Jewish HH on the Federation list, and the proportion of interviews with household not on the list. Details in Main Report, but varies significantly from 1981 report which used U.S. Census data as the basis of Jewish household and population data.

Data file is not weighted.

Household data file has 833 cases, representing 2,189 people (of which 2,025 are Jewish).

Study Notes: Report issued as Report #7 by the Population Study Committee. Earlier reports in the series are in the Data Bank files as Cleveland 1978, Cleveland 1981, Cleveland 1985.


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