1995 Jewish Population Study of Delaware

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Delaware

Principal Investigator(s): Jacob B. Ukeles, Ira M. Sheskin, Ron Miller

Study Dates: October-November, 1995

Population Estimates: The study estimates that 13,500 Jewish persons live in 6,800 Jewish households in the State of Delaware. An additional 4,100 non-Jews live in these households for a total of 17,600 people.
Key Findings:
  • Of the statewide total of 13,500 Jewish persons estimated to live in Delaware in 1995, 7,600 reside in Wilmington, 4,300 in Newark, and 1,600 in South Delaware;

  • New Castle County's 11,900 Jews (Wilmington and Newark areas combined) represent 2.6% of the county's general population; Jewish households represent 3.2% of all New Castle County households.

  • In Southern Delaware, the 1,600 Jewish person represent only 0.6% of the general population.

  • Thus, statewide, Jewish households account for 2.5% of all households and Jewish persons represent 1.9% of the total population;

  • While 29% of Jewish respondents identify as Reform Jews, 28% as Conservative, 6% as Orthodox, and 4% as Reconstructionist (10% in Newark), 33% identify as "Just Jewish.";

  • 75% of Jewish households in New Castle County always/usually light Chanukah candles, 74% always/usually attend a Seder, 57% always or usually fast on Yom Kippur, 19% always/usually light Shabbat candles, and 12% keep kosher;

  • About 45% of New Castle Jewish households report congregation membership;

  • The overall couples intermarriage rate is 33% in New Castle County; the intermarriage rate is much lower in Wilmington (25%) than in the Newark area (42%);

  • The couples intermarriage rate is 55% when the respondent is under age 35, 41% among those 35-49, 18% among those 50-64, and 9% among seniors;

  • Synagogue membership is reported by only 14% of the intermarried, as compared to 67% of the inmarried;

  • About one-third of all children in intermarried Jewish households are being raised as Jews.
Sample: Adult Jewish Households in Delaware. For reporting and sampling purposes, the state was divided into three areas: Wilmington, Newark (including all areas of New Castle County not included in Wilmington), and South Delaware.

Sample Size: Telephone interviews were completed among 528 respondents in October and November 1995. However, data reported in the Summary Report reflect only 471 interviews completed in Wilmington or in the Newark area.

Sample Notes: Sampling varied by region within the State of Delaware. Interview numbers summarized below reflect the data file, and varies slightly from the published report.

RDD (random digit dialing) occurred in both the Wilmington and Newark areas, resulting in a total of 153 completed Jewish household interviews in New Castle County (93 in Wilmington, 60 in Newark). In addition, 318 interviews were completed by random sampling from a list of Distinctive Jewish Names (DJNs): 234 in Wilmington and 84 in Newark. Weighting procedures were used to insure that the DJN interviews statistically resembled the RDD interviews in terms of respondent age and geographic area of residence in New Castle County..

In Southern Delaware, only DJN interviews were complet. A total of 57 DJN interviews were completed, and are not included in the data file. Data from these interviews are reported at the end of the Summary Report.

The data file for Wilmington and Newark has a total of 471 unweighted interviews; after weighting, the adjusted N=409. All data should be analyzed using "WF" as the weight.

The data in the data file were not weighted to reflect Jewish household estimates summarized in the report.


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