1999 Jewish Population Survey of Howard County, Maryland

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Howard County, The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

Principal Investigator(s): Jacob B. Ukeles, Ron Miller

Study Dates: June, 1999

Population Estimates: The report estimates that 16,000 Jewish persons live in nearly 6,500 Jewish households in Howard County.

Another 4,100 non-Jews live in these households, for a total of 20,100 people in Howard County Jewish households (at least one adult in the household considered themselves to be Jewish).

Key Findings: The Howard County study was a companion study to the Jewish Population Study of Greater Baltimore conducted by Ukeles Associates for The Associated.
  • The Jewish population of Howard County has increased significantly since 1985 (data of the last Baltimore study).

  • In 1985, an estimated 6,100 Jewish persons lived in 2,500 Jewish households in Howard County compared to the 1999 estimates of 16,000 Jewish persons in 6,500 Jewish households.

  • The Howard County Jewish population was quite young in 1999: while 32% of household members were under age 18, only 5% were at least 65.

  • In addition to summarizing data on the Jewish population of Howard County, the report also provides extensive comparisons between Howard County and Baltimore.
Sample: Adult Jewish Households in Howard County, Maryland

Sample Size: 207 Jewish households.

Sample Notes: The data were gathered from 207 respondents in households with one or more Jewish individuals in Howard County.

The sampling and estimation methodology utilized two complementary sampling frames (as in the Greater Baltimore 1999 study): (1) a random sample from the Jewish Community List maintained by The Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore for the Jewish Federation of Howard County, and (2) a stratified residual RDD (random digit dialed) sample after all telephone numbers on the federation list in Howard County had been electronically "de-duplicated" from the total RDD matrix for Howard County.

The data are weighted to reflect estimates of the Jewish population and Jewish households in Howard County, combining the complementary sampling frames.

The response rate for the study is estimated to be 40%.

Study Notes:

Methodological details in Appendix include a complete sampling disposition as well as a detailed summary of sampling, interviewing, estimation and weighting.

Main Report Appendix also includes copies of the Screener and Questionnaire.

In the data file, "HHWeight" projects data to 6,492 Jewish HH precisely;"JewWeigh" projects data to 15,980 Jews; "PopWeigh" projects to 20,069 people (including non-Jews) in Howard County Jewish households.


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