Population Study of the Greater Miami Jewish Community, 1982

Sponsor(s): Greater Miami Jewish Federation

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: March-June, 1982 completion of survey.

Population Estimates: Report in 1982 indicates that over 250,000 people resided in 115,000 Jewish households in the Greater Miami area in 1982.

Table 1 in 1990 update summarizes Jewish population data historically, still listing 1982 "Jewish population" as 250,000. In 19

Sample: Adult Jewish Households in the Greater Miami Area; geographic areas include South Dade, North Dade and the Beaches.

Sample Size: Data File has 1,424 completed interviews of respondents who completed both a brief 3 minute telephone interview and a more extensive comprehensive mail questionnaire afterwards.

Sample Notes: Data file for 1,424 completed telephone/mail interviews reconstructed in Fall, 2007. Data from an additional 485 telephone interviews without mail questionnaires returned no longer exists.

1982 report based on analysis of both the 1,424 case data file and whenever possible, the total 1,909 telephone interviews. Thus, data file results may not always match the published results.

Initial telephone interviews for 1982 survey randomly selected from two sampling frames: (1) Federation List of Jewish households plus names/telephone numbers from 70 other Jewish organizations, and (2) DJNs - Distinctive Jewish Names in local telephone directories. Details in Methodology Report.

Random digit dialing (RDD) was not used; Dr. Sheskin noted that the reported inter-marriage rate may be underestimated as a result of the reliance upon List and DJN households only. Later downward population estimate for 1982 reflects 1994 RDD-based population estimates and procedures in the Greater Miami Jewish population surveys.

Data file has 1,424 cases: 913 completed from Federation List and 511 from DJNs in telephone directories.

Weight "wf" should be used for analysis; total of 1,404 weighted cases: 795 Federation list and 609 DJNs. Data is not weighted to the total number of households in the study area.

Study Notes: The 1982 Miami Jewish population estimates were updated from 1984 to 1990, using a DJN-based estimation procedure which relied upon counting the number of DJN names in directories, without interviewing to confirm Jewish identity.

In 1994 and 2004, RDD (random digit dialing) techniques were used as the basis of Jewish population estimates. Please see the 2004 report for the most recent population estimates.

The 1987 Report on "Gift Retention" was an effort to determine why donors may stop making gifts to Jewish Federations. A total of 248 interviews were completed with donors who had made Federation gifts in 1985, but did not do so in 1986. In addition, a "control" group of 134 donors who made gifts in both 1985 and 1986 were also interviewed.