Survey of the Milwaukee Jewish Population, 1983

Sponsor(s): Milwaukee Jewish Federation

Principal Investigator(s): Bruce Phillips

Study Dates: 1983

Sample: Adult Jewish Households in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Sample Size: 402

Sample Notes: The data were gathered from 402 individuals in households with one or more Jewish individuals via a telephone interview survey. It is estimated in the published report that there are 30,000 Jews living in 12,000 Jewish households. The sampling universe included Jewish households located in Greater Milwaukee. The sampling procedure was a modified random sample based on a reverse directory of a list of all residents in Greater Milwaukee. (A reverse directory is one that contains all published phone numbers listed in numeric order instead of alphabetic order.)


Survey Reports

» Main Report

» Summary Report

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» Questionnaire

Data Files and Data Definitions

» Zipped SPSS Data File

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