The New Haven Jewish Population "Mini Study" of 1987

Sponsor(s): Council of Jewish Federations (CJF)

Principal Investigator(s): Steven M. Cohen

Study Dates: 1987

Sample: Adult Jewish Households in the New Haven Area

Sample Size: 397

Sample Notes: The data were collected from 397 Jewish individuals. It is estimated in the published report that there are about 28,000 Jewish individuals living in almost 12,000 Jewish households in the Greater New Haven area. The study defined a Jew as a person who self-identifies as a Jew. The sampling universe consisted of households in the New Haven area. The sampling procedure used distinctive Jewish names (DJN) listed in the New Haven area telephone directories. It is reported in the methodology section that 78% of eligible respondents agreed to be interviewed.


Survey Reports

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Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

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