Jewish Population Study of Greater New Orleans, 1984

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans

Principal Investigator(s): Gary A Tobin

Study Dates: July, 1983-October, 1984

Sample: Adult Jewish Households in the New Orleans Area

Sample Size: 2527

Sample Notes: The sampling procedure was constructed using a combination of list merging and distinctive Jewish names for the mailed questionnaire. For the telephone survey a stratified random sampling design was implemented based on 4 neighborhood areas and 3 age groups.
Study Notes: The data were gathered from 2,527 Jewish households via a mailed questionnaire and 600 corresponding Jewish households were contacted via a telephone interview survey. (CAUTION: Our data file shows N=1457; it is not clear why these numbers do not match with the published report. Table 1 of the published report says N=1,449.) The data are weighted to compensate for differential sampling by geographic areas to compensate for the unaffiliated population of New Orleans.


Survey Reports

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Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

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Data Files and Data Definitions

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