The 2002 Rhode Island Jewish Community Study

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Rhode Island

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: May 10-21, 2002

Population Estimates:

Jewish persons estimate for the State of Rhode Island in 2002 was 18,400 Jewish persons living in Jewish households, while another 4,600 non-Jewish persons lived in these households for a total of 23,000 people in 9,550 Jewish households.

• 18,400 Jewish persons estimate noted above excludes approximately 350 Jews living in institutions; at times, the total Jewish population is presented by Dr. Sheskin as 18,750, including these 350 institutionalized Jews.

• Another 2,200 Jewish students from outside of Rhode Island who live in college dormitories are NOT included in the published Jewish persons estimate - - see Table 3-1 where the total number of Jews including college students and institutionalized Jews is approximately 20,900.

• 1987 study comparison: 16,100 Jewish persons in 7,200 Jewish households.

Geographic analysis reflects Map on page 4-15 which provides a quick overview of the concentration of Jews in Providence, Pawtucket and the West Bay communities.



829 completed interviews: 306 via RDD interviewing (random digit dialing) and 523 from DJN frame (distinctive Jewish names). [See "Study Notes" below.]

Sampling frame designed to be representative of all Jewish households in the state; a Jewish household was defined as one that contained someone was born, raised or currently Jewish.

9% of all completed Jewish households were with a non-Jewish household member.

Sample Size: 829

Sample Notes:

Two sampling frames were used: random digit dialing (RDD) and households with a Distinctive Jewish Name (DJN) listed in the telephone directory.

RDD sampling frame includes 71 of all Rhode Island exchanges; 95% of Federation-listed households are in these collection of telephone exchange, so an adjustment was made in the estimation process for non-sampled exchanges.  See chapter 2, page 2-15 ff. for a discussion of Jewish computations computations.

Study Notes:

Data file is weighted  -  discussion in chapter 2 -  so that: (a) the DJN interviews are designed to be statistically equivalent to the RDD interviews, and (b) households with multiple phone lines are downwardly adjusted since they had a greater likelihood of inclusion (standard marketing research procedure) in the random sampling calls.


Data file has 829 interviews (UNWEIGHTED)

"Wf" is weight factor based on adjusting for RDD/DJN differences and multiple phone lines.  Using "Wf"  as weight yields N of 721 -  256 RDD and 465 DJN ("source') interviews.

"WfHH" weight extrapolates the data to 9,545 Jewish HH in Rhode Island.

Either wf or wfhh can be used for data analysis.

Language: English