Greater Seattle Jewish Population Study, 2000

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

Principal Investigator(s): Pini Herman, Bruce Phillips

Study Dates: May, 2000-February, 2001

Population Estimates: Report estimates that there were approximately 37,200 Jewish persons living in 22,500 core Jewish households in Greater Seattle.
Key Findings:
  • The Jewish community of Seattle has grown by over 27% compared to 1990 estimates of 27,200 Jewish persons; at the same time, the population of the Greater Seattle area has grown only 15%.

  • The Jewish population in the North End and Northern suburbs has increased by 58% over the same time frame.

  • Approximately 4 out-of-ten respondents moved into the area in the ten years preceding the survey.

  • Half of all Jewish households have some connection to the Jewish community. Approximately 20% are synagogue members, a decline since 1990.

  • Approximately 60% of children in the community are being raised as Jews only, just over 5% as Jewish and something else, 30% without any religion, and about 4% in a different religion.

  • Half of all married couples are intermarried; the majority of children in these marriages are not being raised in any religion.

  • 13% of Jewish households report a Jewish Federation contribution.

  • 10% of the Jewish households live in poverty.
Sample: Adult Jewish Households in the Greater Seattle Area

Sample Size: 816 Jewish households interviewed, of which 761 are defined as Core Jewish, 46 as marginally Jewish and 9 were ultimately viewed as non-Jewish only.

Sample Notes: The sampling universe included Jewish households located in Seattle and its surrounding areas in King and Snohomish Counties.

The sampling procedure was a combination of names from the Jewish Federation list and random digit dialing. Among the core Jewish HH, a total of 597 interviews were completed from the List frame, 137 from the random digit dialing frames, and 27 were from both frames.

Methodological details, estimation and weighting are discussed in Methodology section in main report.

Researchers using the data set should focus on subset of cases which are "Core Jewish" households in variable "CoreHH." Using this category with "ProjWgt" projects data to 22.493 core Jewish households precisely.

When weighted, 17% of the core Jewish HH sample was derived from the Federation List, and 83% from random digit dialing.

An additional weighting variable "SampWgt" appears to standardize the data to a lower sample size (N-=784) in the same proportions as the household projected data and could be used with statistical tests of significance.


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