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Demographic Study of the Jewish Community of Tidewater, Virginia, 1982

Sponsor(s): United Jewish Federation of Tidewater

Principal Investigator(s): Paul H. Ephross, Joan C. Weiss

Study Dates: 1982

Population Estimates:

15,600 Jewish persons (+/- 600).


Adult Jewish Households in the Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and the Portsmouth-Chesapeake Area

Sample Size: 200

Sample Notes:

These data were gathered from 200 individuals in households that contain one or more Jewish adults.

The sampling universe consisted of Jewish households in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and the Portsmouth-Chesapeake area.

The sampling procedure used one sampling frame: Random digit dialing (RDD) (n=200).

Study Notes:

1982 report indicates that the data were weighted to reflect estimates of the Jewish population in Tidewater and equalize the effects of responses from heavily Jewish neighborhoods.


Data File -  the DataBank data file from the 1982 Tidewater study has been placed in an inactive, severe caution advised in use status.  It is available from the DataBank ( in either SPSS POR format or as an SAV file identical to the POR version.

The DataBank does not have confidence in the data file.  While there should be 200 cases, the data file has 399 cases without any apparent explanation. 

The first 200 cases have an ID (v1) from 1-200, while the other 199 cases do not have an ID.  Among the first 200 cases, there are approximately 408 individuals.  The next 199 cases do not have an ID number, and for denomination of respondent, spouse, children, there are only 199 answers. Since this might be an unusual weighting system, the data file has not been made publicly available. 

The 2001 study data file is in excellent shape in contrast.

Language: English


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