The 2000 Jewish Community Study of Greater Hartford

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: May 11-18, 2000

Population Estimates: 32,600 Jews are estimated to live in 14,500 Greater Hartford area Jewish households (with approximately 4,400 non-Jews also living in these households.

In addition, report indicates that another 1,600 Jewish students live in college dormitories in the

Key Findings: Extensive Summary Report highlights major findings (see pages 72-89 of the Summary Report).

  • Report compares population estimates from 1982, 1990 and 2000 Greater Hartford Jewish community study - overall pattern appears to be growth from 1982 to 1990 and then decline from 1990 to 2000.

  • Intermarriage data in 2000: 24% of currently married couples are intermarried, 69% are two-born Jews inmarried, and 8% are conversionary in-marriages (one partner, now Jewish, was not born Jewish).

  • 23% of people in Jewish households are at least age 65, compared to 22% who are children under age 18.

  • 87% of all children in Jewish households are being raised as Jews, but only 59% in intermarried households.

  • Only 4% of respondents self-identify as Orthodox, 31% Conservative, 31% reform, 34% "Just Jewish."

  • 79% of Jewish households always/usually light Chanukah candles; 78% always/usually attend a Passover seder; 26% always/usually light Sabbath candles; 17% keep a kosher home.

  • 53% of households report synagogue/temple membership.

  • 91% of Jewish households report a charitable donation in the year before the survey; 50% report donating to the Jewish Federation.
  • Sample: Adult Jewish Households in Greater Hartford, CT

    Sample Size: 763 cases (471 variables)

    Sample Notes: The sample design combines RDD interviews (random digit dialing) and DJN (distinctive Jewish names) interviewing. Unweighted numbers: 216 interviews derived from random digit dialing (RDD) and 547 cases from a list of Distinctive Jewish Names (DJN) from the telephone book (DJN percentage =72% approximately).

    Weight factor "wf" used by researcher to adjust DJN interviews so they statistically resemble RDD interviews, since initial interviews indicated that the two samples varied significantly in terms of the age of the head of the household and respondent religious denomination. Weighted N with "wf" = 672 (approximately 73% DJN-based).

    There does not appear to be a weight factor which extrapolates to the total number of Jewish households in the area (typically called "wfhh" by the author in other studies).

    Study Notes: A Jewish household was defined as one that contained someone who was born, raised, or is currently Jewish.

    Greater Hartford sampling universe includes the entirety of Hartford County, with the exceptions of the towns of East Hartland, Burlington, Bristol, and Marlborough. The sampling universe also includes the northern parts of Middlesex County, the western sections of Tolland County, the eastern part of Litchfield County, and the northern part of New Haven County.

    Data organized geogrpahically into 5 areas - maps included in slide sets (slide 9 of PDF version) and reports:(1) "Core" area is approximately half of the community. (2) Farmington Valley, (3) East of the River, (4) South Hartford and (5) Windsor

    Two geographic variables included in data file; "Area2" includes Windsor in analysis; "Area" defines Windsor as not included (only 17 unweighted interviews in Windsor).

    Only 37% of all Jewish households live in the top three zip codes, indicating a relatively dispersed Jewish community.


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