2004 Population Study of the Greater Miami Jewish Community

Sponsor(s): Greater Miami Jewish Federation

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Population Estimates:

In 2004, an estimated 112,300 Jewish persons lived in 54,000 Jewish households in the Greater Miami area. Including non-Jews, the total number of people living in Jewish households was estimated to be 121,300.

An additional 1,000 Jews are estimated to be living in institutional settings.


Adult Jewish households located in the Greater Miami area. South Dade, North Dade and The Beaches are major geographic sub-areas.

Sample Size: 1,808 telephone interview from RDD sampling. Interviewing January 27-March 1, 2004

Sample Notes:

Resolution of first 10,000 RDD numbers called (within 714 telephone exchanges) was used as the basis for household population estimates of 54,000 Jewish households in Miami. In the first 10,000 RDD numbers called, 5.1% of these households included a Jewish person. This percentage was then revised by a series of adjustments: a reduction for the slightly higher number of telephone lines in Jewish households, and a series of increases, including a 5% increase in the Jewish HH percentage estimate for Jews who "deny" being Jewish. As a result, the final percentage Jewish households was estimated to be 6.7%. Methodological details in chapter 2 of Main Report.

The remaining interviews were completed using 60,000 RDD numbers which were dialed within fewer exchanges with higher Jewish percentages. Weights were used to adjust for this geographic oversampling in higher density Jewish telephone exchanges.

"WF" weighting factor adjusts the total number of completed interviews based on corrections for oversampling, etc., so the adjusted weighted N using "wf" is 1,565. "WFHH" adjusts the weighted interviews to project to the estimated number of Jewish HH in Miami: N= 54,008. Other weight factors also exist in the data file for sub-areas.

Study Notes:

Table 3-4 in 2004 Main Report presents historical data on total number of people in Miami Jewish households. Estimate for 1994 (date of last survey study) has been downwardly adjusted to 146,600 from estimated 166,000 people in 1994 report.