The 2004 Atlantic and Cape May Counties Jewish Community Study

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Atlantic and Cape May Counties

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: July 7-14, 2004

Sample: Adult Jewish households in Atlantic and Cape May counties in New Jersey

Sample Size: 624

Sample Notes: Topics include: (1) geographic patterns, (2) demography: age, elderly, household size, children, etc., (3) religious identification and denomination, (4) connections to Jewish organizations, (5) Jewish education, (6) knowledge of and perception of local Jewish agencies, (7) social service needs of Jewish household members, (8) Israel, (9) Anti-Semitism, (10) Philanthropy.

22,200 Jewish persons living in 10,000 Jewish households. Combination of RDD (N=182) sampling and interviews with households with Distinctive Jewish Names (DJNs) (N=412) listed in telephone directories. The Jewish household estimate was based on the first 5,000 RDD numbers dialed to all 65 exchanges in the area; after that, the next 5,000 RDD calls were made to a series of 15 exchanges which had higher proportions of Jewish households in the initial RDD interviews. Total of 182 interviews in the RDD frame. After the RDD calls, an additional 412 interviews were completed via a DJN sampling frame. The final weights include adjustments made by the researcher to compensate for the geographic over-sampling in higher Jewish incidence areas, for differences between the RDD and DJN sample, and for the number of telephone lines in each household.)

Study Notes: (1) wf (N=595) adjusted weighted interviews based on number of telephone lines and additional adjustments), (2) wfhh: this weight projects interview data to the estimated number of Jewish households (9,994) for the entire survey area.


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