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Demographic and Attitudinal Survey of the Jewish Population of Akron, 1975

Sponsor(s): Akron Jewish Community Federation

Principal Investigator(s): Edwin E. Wagner, Robert C. Deitchman, David Kapusinski

Study Dates: Winter 1974 through early months of 1975

Sample: Adult Jewish Households in Akron, Ohio

Sample Size: 247

Sample Notes: Original sample universe of 1,989 Jewish names derived from multiple Jewish organizational lists in the Akron area. A 20% random sample was initially drawn for the interviewing phase, which was completed via in-home interviews by volunteers
Study Notes: The 1975 Report PDF includes five appendices: the questionnaire, extrapolated central tendency demographic measures, a map of Akron zip codes, a very brief history of the Akron Jewish community, and a 100-page Table 6: “Significant Correlations Among the Items of the Questionnaire” which begins on page 129.


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