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Jewish Population Study Cincinnati, Ohio 1987

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

Study Dates: September 16, 1987 - October 26, 1987

Population Estimates: The 1987 "Demographic Study of the Greater Cincinnati Jewish Community" estimated 10,220 Jewish households lived in the Greater Cincinnati area (including 262 in nursing homes). Total number of people in Jewish community is just over 25,000.

Key Findings:
  • 1987 Study estimate of 25,000 people in Jewish households reflects a household size of 2.49, which was down from an estimated households size of 2.65 in 1970 (based on Cincinnati portion of 1970 NJPS -National Jewish Population Survey).
  • "Roselawn/Amberley/Golf Manor" geographic area included 40% of all Jewish households; 13% lived in the "northeast corridor" which included Kenwood, Montgomery, Blue Ash and Mason (comparisons to 2008 data quite interesting;)

  • 21% of people in Jewish households are seniors 65 and over; 23% are "under the age of 18" - but the chart shows that 18 year olds are included in that percentage;

  • In 1987, 54% of households were Reform Jews, Conservative 31%, Orthodox 11%, and others 4%; in 1970 (based on NJPS), comparable percentages were 53%, 23%, 18% and 6%;

  • 76% of households identified themselves as being affiliated, whereas "..based upon congregational files, only 56% actually belong."

Sample: Jewish households in the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area. Hamilton County is central area of Jewish residence(includes City of Cincinnati).

Map in "Summary: Household Characteristics" booklet shows area of study.

Sample Size: 508 telephone interviews with Jewish heads of households were completed from September 16 - October 26, 1987; some details on sampling reported in "Summary: Demographic Study..." booklet. Completed interviews represented a completion rate of 82%.

Sample Notes: Random sample interviewing was only based on a combined list of over 10,000 Jewish households from Jewish community lists. List compiled from Federation List (originally 7,230 separate households) to which 2,900 potentially Jewish households were added from synagogues, Jewish organizations, the Jewish Community Center, subscription lists of Jewish papers, and DJNs (Distinctive Jewish Names) from the Cincinnati Bell telephone book. Households unduplicated prior to random sampling.

Study did not include any RDD-based sampling, but the estimate of the number of Jewish households was apparently corroborated/adjusted by the results of a University of Cincinnati random sample poll of the Greater Cincinnati area in 1987 (adjustment discussion not in published reports, but based on personal discussions with Professor David Varady in 2008).

Study Notes: Five public reports were issued by the Federation just after completion of the Study, but have been added to the Data Bank holdings (as part of the Data Bank "Legacy Series" efforts) only recently as the release of the 2008 Jewish Community Study of Cincinnati was anticipated, mid-September, 2008.

1987 booklet-style reports focus on basic background to the Demographic Study, Household Characteristics, Jewish Connections, Families with Children, and Senior Adults.


Survey Reports

» Summary - Families with Children

» Summary - Household Characteristics

» Summary - Jewish Characteristics

» Summary - Senior Adults

» Summary - Background and Methods

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

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