Population Study of the Baltimore Jewish Community 1968

Sponsor(s): Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore, The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

Principal Investigator(s): Sidney Hollander

Population Estimates: The 1968 report estimates that there were 106,300 Jewish individuals in 35,000 Jewish households in Greater Baltimore 8% of all households and approximately 7% of all people living in Greater Baltimore are Jewish.
Key Findings: Report has detailed demographic tables (approximately 90) focusing on number of Jewish households, Jewish persons, geographic area distribution, age and gender distribution patterns, employment and occupation, education, Jewish connections, etc.

Appendix includes the Screening question used to determine if a member of the household was Jewish, and the more extensive Interview Schedule for Jewish households.

Sample: Jewish households in Greater Baltimore, MD.

Sample Size: Data on the Jewish households/individuals was based on an extensive interview of 1,036 households with one or more Jews, conducted by volunteers.

Sample Notes: Methodological discussion in report describes two methods used for the estimation of Jewish households and Jewish persons in Greater Baltimore. One estimation method was based on telephone calls to over approximately 8,000 households in Greater Baltimore, of which 6,568 (82%) were reached by more than 100 women volunteers in the spring of 1967. The second estimation method compared the telephone directory "listed" and "unlisted" status of the households on the the extensive lists of the Associated (over 27,000 Jewish households).

The estimate of over 106,000 Jewish persons was validated by comparisons with both synagogue affiliation and JCC membership. In general, the second method, based on the list, was given more weight in the heavily Jewish areas where large numbers of Jews listed and the majority of those found in the screening survey were on the list.

The second phase of interviewing by volunteers was supplemented by 200 research interviewers completed by Sydney Hollander Associates. A total of 237 interviews were completed in Liberty, 232 in Upper Park Heights, 230 in the Reisterstown corridor, 172 in Lower Park Heights, 88 in the "city" and 77 in "Outlying" areas.

Study Notes: A data file does not exist for the 1968 study.


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