Flint Michigan Jewish Population Study 1967

Sponsor(s): Flint Jewish Community Council and Welfare Fund

Principal Investigator(s): Albert J. Mayer

Population Estimates: 2,648 Jews living in 824 households.

Sample Size: A total of 824 households with 206 households in each of the sub samples.

Sample Notes: The study committee felt that the Jewish Community Council's list of Jewish household's in Flint was representative of the Jews living in Flint since it is a small community. They tested this theory using the distinctive Jewish names method, and determined that Jewish Community Council list was adequate.
Study Notes: A combined procedure was used for the study. Brief interviews, either done by telephone or in person were given to one quarter of the population (every fourth person) by trained volunteer interviewers, one half of the population was sent the same interview to fill out and mail back, and one-quarter of the population were given a lengthy interview at home by trained volunteer interviewers.


Survey Reports

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