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Demographic Survey of the Omaha Jewish Community 1975

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Omaha, Omaha Jewish Federation

Principal Investigator(s): Murray Frost

Study Dates: Report issued September, 1976: "Demographic Survey of the Omaha Jewish Community."

Population Estimates: LIST only analysis of Omaha Jewish community in Fall, 1975.

Best estimate is that 6,500 people live in Jewish households in the community, with range of approximately 6,100 to 6,900.

Key Findings: Chapters focus on Population Estimates and Characteristics, Family Status, Socioeconomic Status, Nativity and Mobility, Religious Identity and Membership, Use of Jewish Federation Services, Projection of 1980 Population, Summary.
Sample: Jewish households on the Omaha Jewish Federation mailing list.

Sample Size: 1,165 Jewish households on the Federation mailing list responded to a ten-page questionnaire in the Fall of 1975 which had been mailed to 2,484 households on the list (47% response rate).

Sample Notes: Appendix A in the Report discusses Federation List details.

Appendix B reproduces the questionnaire is included as Appendix B.


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