Washington DC Jewish Donors Market Research Study 1996-1997

Sponsor(s): UJA Federation of Greater Washington, DC

Principal Investigator(s): Mark S. Mellman

Study Dates: July 1996- January 1997

Population Estimates:

No population estimate attempted; previous DC study population reports not included in slide set presentation.

For Jewish population estimates for Washington, DC area, see links to 2003, 1983 and 1956 studies on left.

Mellman Group conducted a study of 1,000 Jews for the Jewish Federation in 2014 -  also was not intended to provide a Jewish population estimate, but provided much greater detailed analysis of thee DC Jewish community beyond fund-raising.

Key Findings:

Mellman Group market research study of Jews in Greater Washington DC area in 1996-1997 focused on market research analysis issues related to fund-raising and was not intended as a Jewish population estimate study.

Major Findings:

► Donors Have High Regard For UJAF
► Non-Donors Appear To Have Vaguer And More Negative Views Particularly Around
The Institution's Impersonal Nature
► Donors Seem Less Likely To Increase Giving In The Near Term
Many Lapsed Donors Think They Are Still Giving
► Donor Base Skewed Towards Older
► Knowledge Of Where The Money Goes And Confidence In Federation's Ability To Direct It To The Right Place Are Key Determinants Of Giving
► The Distribution Of Dollars Is Not Far From Donors' Ideal
► Donors Have Many And Varying Motivations
► Strongest Messages Focus On Specific Ways Giving To Federation Fulfills Our Tradition Of Tzedakah
► Solicitation Experiences Are Not A Key Problem For Current Donors
► Donors Prefer Targeted Communications & Events Are Of Questionable Utility


Market research strategy included:

(a) Focus Groups: July 1996  - female donors who contribute $1,000-$10,000 to UJAF,
male donors who contribute $1,000-$10,000 to UJAF, and potential donors who contribute $1,000 or more to charitable organizations, but do not contribute to UJAF

(b) One-On-One Interviews: September 1996  - 10 interviews of lapsed donors who had contributed $1,000-$10,000 to UJAF

(c) Survey: January  5- January 9, 1997
- 451 UJAF donors who contribute up to $10,000 to UJAF annually
- margin of error for sample as a whole is +I- 4.6 percentage points

Language: English


Survey Reports

» Main Report_Marketing Survey_1996-1997

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