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Estimate and Demographic Study of the Jewish Population in Greater Middlesex County 1991

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County

Principal Investigator(s): Madan Capoor

Study Dates: [1991]

Population Estimates: 62,900 Jewish individuals in Greater Middlesex in 1991 is the estimate used for the study report; range (adjusting for potential sampling error) is 59,300 to 66,500.

Sample Size: Total number of Jewish household interviews: 156 from RDD frames, 153 from Federation

Sample Notes: The estimate of approximately 63,000 Jewish persons was based on what seems to have been a random digit dialed survey (RDD) in the Federation service area; methodological details are sketchy in the report.

1,626 interviews were completed to determine Jewish status; 156 Jewish interviews were completed as part of the "random" process, which began with 5,000 randomly generated phone numbers, to which another 1,000+ "random" numbers were added by adding or subtracting "1" from the last digit of the seven-digit phone number (as was often done in the 1980s and early 1990s).

Details on sample disposition in the RDD-frame are included in the text in Methodological Appendix A.

After completion of the RDD-based interviews, an additional 153 Jewish household interviews were completed with telephone numbers selected from the federation list numbers.

Total telephone numbers called were 6,742 (5,000 randomly selected numbers, 1,072 additional numbers resulting from bumping and 670 numbers selected from the Federation list).

Analysis of Jewish household/individual characteristics was based on both sets of interviews: total 309 interviews, while the estimate was based only on the RDD-interviews.

Interviews from the two sampling frames were not weighted differentially. The author noted, therefore, that the Jewish characteristics presented in the report probably over-estimate Jewish connections and Jewish behaviors for Middlesex County. from the JFGMC list).

Study Notes: Please see the reports from the 2008 Middlesex County Jewish Community Study for the most recent information on the community.

Data file for 1991 not available.


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