Related Studies

The Jews of New Jersey (Sheskin slides: 2007-2008 presentations)

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Notes: The first six slide sets below ("A" through "F") summarize selected results from four Jewish community studies conducted in New Jersey by Dr. Ira Sheskin:

  • Atlantic County, 2004,

  • Bergen County 2001,

  • MetroWest (NJ) ["Essex-Morris"] 1998, and

  • Monmouth County 1997.

    Data from these studies are presented in comparative context with local community studies throughout the country, and with some comparisons to national data.

    The slides available for downloading represent an expanded version of a presentation by Dr. Sheskin at Rutgers University on Dec 12, 2007 to the New Jersey Jewish Leadership Forum. The "Reform Jews of New Jersey" slides reflect a different presentation by Dr. Sheskin on March 2, 2008; many of the slides replicate data from the earlier summary. but there are some additional slides focusing on Reform Jews only.

    All four studies are available in the New Jersey section of the Communities page on the North American Jewish Data Bank's website. Dr. Sheskin was the principal investigator for the Atlantic, Bergen and Monmouth County studies; some of the comparisons involve data analysis from the data sets from these studies. Since the MetroWest (NJ) data file is not available at the Data Bank, all comparisons involving MetroWest ("Essex-Morris") are based on published data only.

    In 2004, UJC (United Jewish Communities) issued a slide show special report: New Jersey Jews. This report summarized data from all New Jersey residents interviewed for the National Jewish Population Survey 2000-2001, and compared that data with other Jews from the New York metropolitan area and the remainder of the Northeast.

    The NJPS 2000-2001 Jewish population estimate for New Jersey is 368,000 compared to the Sheskin 2000 estimate of 468,000 (slide 7, "Demography").