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Connections & Journeys: Assessing Critical Opportunities for Enhancing Jewish Identity

Sponsor(s): UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, UJA-Federation of New York

Principal Investigator(s): Bethamie Horowitz

Study Dates: Survey data on 1,504 Jewishly-connected adults conducted February - May 1998.

Report also includes data (including quotes) from 86 in-depth interviews conducted February-July 1996, and a series of focus groups conducted April and May 1997.

Key Findings:

Bethamie Horowitz's "Connections and Journeys..." sample was drawn from the service area of UJA-Federation of New York: the five boroughs of New York City and the three contiguous New York State suburban counties: Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester. By implication, however, the results are of significance for all American-born Jews.

"The purpose of the Connections and Journeys study is to provide insight into two aspects of American-Jewish identity. First the study explores people's current connections to Judaism. What does being Jewish mean to them? In what ways, if at all, do they identify as Jews? How do they relate to their Jewishness?"

"Second, the Connections and Journeys study examines people's journeys - - how people's Jewish identities change and develop throughout the life course....To what extent, if at all, are people's relationships to being Jewish inscribed during childhood and how malleable are these ties later on in life?"

"Jewish identity is dynamic over the course of a person's life. Jewish identity is not something static that a person either has or does not have. Rather, identity can evolve and change, ebb and flow, in relation to all sorts of influences, internal and external."


Survey data on 1,504 Jewish-connected adults ages 22-52 (American born) provides most of the quantitative data for the study. Additional insights derive from focus groups and in-depth interviews (86).

Sample Size: Data file is not weighted.

Variable names are keyed to the questionnaire.

Sample Notes:

Survey report initially released in 2000, but updated in 2003.

Appendix A compares the demographic characteristics of the survey sample from 1998 with a parallel sample from the 1991 New York Jewish Community Study (available at the Data Bank), for which Dr. Horowitz served as the Principal Investigator.

Survey questionnaire and marginals included in Appendix B in the report.

In-depth Interview Guide also included in Appendix B in the report.


Survey Reports

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Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

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Data Files and Data Definitions

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