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2006 Louisville Jewish Community Federation Demographic Study

Sponsor(s): Jewish Community Federation of Louisville, Jewish Community of Louisville

Principal Investigator(s): Bruce Gale

Study Dates: 2006 (data collection ended October 1, 2006)

Population Estimates: LIST-based estimate: Jewish Population estimated at 8,300 Jews in approximately 3,300 Jewish households by extrapolation from 640 responses to mail survey sent to half of households on a combined, unduplicated Jewish community list.
Key Findings: LIST mail survey results:

  • Jewish population may have decreased by 4.5% from 1991 estimate of 8,700 Jews in Louisville (1991 study used RDD-and-DJN-based telephone calls). However, Report notes that: "’s best to assume that our population is unchanged in the past 15 years."

  • Report compares 1991 and 2006 results on a number of dimensions, including age (older in 2006), average HH size (smaller in 2006),

  • 50% of respondents are Reform, 40% are Conservative, and 5% are Orthodox. 5% do not practice Judaism currently.

  • 81% currently belong to a local congregation [LIST-based bias likely]; 12% got to services more than 50 times a year and another 10% go 21-50 times a year.

  • Jewish connections data: • 11% have kosher homes. • 84% attended a Seder in 2006. • 26% regularly light Sabbath candles. • 24% regularly attend Jewish educational classes and programs. • 76% of households had at least one adult member who went to Sunday school, Hebrew school, or a Jewish day school as a youth. • 58.4% of households have one or more adult who has visited or lived in Israel. • 72.1% of children age 0-5 have attended a Jewish pre-school. • 41% of 0-5 year old children and 61% of 6-24 year old children attended a Jewish summer camp.

  • Intermarriage data includes both intermarried spouses and "intermarried" respondent/partners: "63.3% of households included in this study as being Jewish households have exclusively Jewish heads of household. The other 36.7% are households which are intermarried or a mixed, unmarried couple."
Sample: 640 Mail Survey responses, representing 1,402 people in their households - of whom 1,266 (90.3%) were Jewish.
Sample Notes: 2006 mail survey was the major source of data on the Jewish community: detailed discussion of how Jewish population estimate was constructed are summarized in Summary Report and in PowerPoint summary.

Mail survey to 1,759 Jewish households in the Louisville area selected from an unduplicated list of 3,217 households created from the lists of nine Jewish organizations.

Total mail survey responses = 640 (report notes that at least 33 persons in the sample died during the data collection time frame.

Supplementary sampling frame constructed by asking survey "...respondents [to] identify Jewish acquaintances and co-workers they believed to be unaffiliated." 50 different individuals were identified (none duplicated) in this process; information used in the Jewish population estimation process.


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