Educators in Jewish Schools Study

Sponsor(s): Covenant Foundation, Eddie Kaplan, Jewish Education Service of North America (JESNA), Mandell Berman

Principal Investigator(s): Michael Ben-Avie, Jeffrey Kress, Shira Rosenblatt, Leora Isaacs

Study Dates: November, 2006 - January 2007

Key Findings:

Research study presents the findings of a comprehensive North American random sample study of educators and administrators in Jewish schools.

JESNA's key learning goals for EJSS were to discover:


Who are the educators that teach in Jewish day and complementary schools?What led them to a career in Jewish education?How do they perceive their current positions?What factors influence their decisions to remain in the field?

Data summaries and analyses in both the Summary Report: "Educators in Jewish Schools Study [EJJS]" written by the JESNA research team and in the Technical Report written by the Jewish Educational Change team address these issues.


Highlights pages exist in the Summary Report at the end of each data section.

A major focus of the report is to distinguish the very different patterns that exist among congregational school educators and day school educators.


Educator's Survey sent to selected sample of North American Jewish day schools and congregational schools. Random sample design and results summarized in the Technical Report.

Sample Size: Total of 1,546 respondents to the Educator's Survey in the data file, revised and updated as of September, 2010 by the JESNA research team: 724 respondents from congregational schools, 819 from day schools, and 3 undetermined.

Sample Notes:

See Technical Report for the original sampling details and design, as well as for a comparison of random and non-random sampling data obtained as part of the EJSS study.

Study Notes: EJSS (Educators in Jewish Schools Study) was a joint effort of the researchers from Jewish Educational Change and from JESNA's Berman Center for Research and Evaluations and JESNA's Learnings and Consultation Center.

  • Links to both websites may be found below.

  • The Technical Report of the Educators in Jewish Schools Study for the North American Study of Educators in Jewish Day and Congregational Schools was prepared by Drs. Ben-Avie and Kress, along with a number of research consultants, who are noted on the title page of the Technical Report.

  • Technical Report describes sampling procedures and key characteristics of the survey respondents as of the date of the report: 1,546 respondents - - 732 congregational school educators and 815 day school educators.

  • Data file supplied by JESNA in September 2010 reflects minor adjustments in the data file as it was reviewed and revised post-2007.

    • Data file, Codebook and Educator's Survey questionnaire should be used together for data analysis purposes.

    • Three variables listed in Codebook have been deleted from the Data Bank's public data file: Identity [numerical sequence only], [school ID numerical list, no names], and State-Province.

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    » Questionnaire - Hebrew

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    Data Files and Data Definitions

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