Berman Jewish DataBank Brief - DataBank Announces New Additions to its Collection - January 24, 2014

Study Dates: January 24, 2014

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Berman Jewish DataBank announces new additions to its collection
January 24, 2014

The Berman Jewish DataBank @ The Jewish Federations of North America has added several new resources and reports to its growing collection of materials. 

The Pew Research Center’s full report on its 2013 Survey of U.S. Jews, A Portrait of Jewish Americans, is now available on the DataBank website.  The report has garnered widespread attention and generated much commentary since its release in October.  The DataBank also houses materials from a previous Pew Research Center survey, the 2007 Religious Landscape Study, including a special analysis of the study’s Jewish respondents.

Jewish Maps of the United States by Congressional District contains estimates of the Jewish population and the percent of the total population that is Jewish in each of the 435 Congressional districts and Washington, D.C.  Information is available in maps and Excel files for general users, and in GIS mapping files for professional geographers.  A summary report highlighting key findings is also available.  Joshua Comenetz produced the materials under a Berman Research Fellowship.

The Jewish Identity Learning Module is a self-directed, interactive learning activity that utilizes data and other resources from the DataBank.  It is primarily designed to be incorporated in coursework on contemporary Jewish identity and sociology.  Professor Harriet Hartman created and produced the module, also under a Berman Research Fellowship.  The interactive site is hosted at Professor Hartman’s home institution, Rowan University.  

The DataBank’s collection of materials from the Jewish Community Study of New York 2011 has expanded and now includes reports and slides sets on distinct topics including poverty, those who consider themselves partially Jewish, and the Orthodox community, as well as separate access to analyses of geographic areas.  The study’s data file and methodological documentation are also available.  UJA-Federation of New York commissioned this and previous studies of the Jewish population in the eight-county New York area (New York City, Long Island and Westchester County).

Two other recent additions to the DataBank include a 2013 survey of American rabbis commissioned by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the 2013 Survey of American Attitudes Toward Jews in America from the Anti-Defamation League.  


The Berman Jewish DataBank @ The Jewish Federations of North America is the central online address for quantitative studies of North American Jewry and information about world Jewish populations.  We proudly partner with the Berman Jewish Policy Archive and the Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life at the University of Connecticut in offering open access to more than 375 national, local and topical studies, reports, and resources.


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