J Street National Survey of Jewish Voters: Iran Poll, July 2015

Sponsor(s): J Street

Principal Investigator(s): GBA Strategies

Study Dates: July 21-23, 2015

Key Findings:

J Street's one-page summary of the July, 2015 survey on Jewish attitudes towards the proposed agreement with Iran on nuclear weapons and economic sanctions notes these major themes:

American Jewish support for the Iran deal is strong, exceeding that among the general population.

• Sixty percent of American Jews support the agreement, compared to 56 percent of American adults overall in a Washington Post-ABC News poll that asked the same question.

• 60 percent of American Jews also say they want their Member of Congress to vote in support of the agreement.

• The 20-point margin in favor of the agreement is consistent with the 18-point margin found in the LA Jewish Journal’s survey released July 23, as well as the 18-point margin in J Street’s June survey conducted prior to the agreement.

• While 79 percent say they have heard some information about the deal, Iran does not rank as a high priority issue among American Jews. Only 10 percent prioritize it as one of the top two issues on which they believe Congress and the President should focus, ranking it 9th on a list of 11 issues topped by the economy (43 percent), ISIS (26 percent) and health care (25 percent).

American Jewish support for the agreement is strong across regions, Democratic political groupings and level of communal engagement.

• American Jews in all regions support the deal by large majorities, including 68 percent in the Midwest, 60 percent in the northeast, 58 percent in the west and 58 percent in the south.

• 80 percent of American Jews who identify as liberal/progressive Democrats support the deal, while 69 percent of moderate and conservative Jewish Democrats support it....

American Jews are far more supportive of the President than they are of his critics on Iran.

• President Obama has a 59 percent job approval rating among American Jews—13 percent above his rating among the general population, and far above the 24 percent job approval rating Congress has among American Jews.

• President Obama’s job approval (up 3 points) and personal favorability (up 7 points) among American Jews have increased since the Iran agreement was reached.

• Amid the highly partisan environment of the Iran debate, the Democratic Party is seen
favorably by a plurality of American Jews (49 favorable/33 unfavorable), while the
Republican Party is heavily disliked (17 favorable/68 unfavorable).


1,000 self-identified American Jews included in Internet poll conducted for J-Street and GBA Strategies by Mountain West Research Center from July 21-23, 2015.  Mountain West administered the survey by email invitation to its web-based panel, which consists of nearly 900,000 Americans.  The margin of error for survey responses is reported as +/- 3.1%

Sample Size: 1,000 Jewish American adults

Study Notes:

The J Street survey uses the same question wording as the recent ABC News/Washington Post survey. 

Q.26  "As you may know, the U.S. and other countries have announced a deal to lift economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for Iran agreeing not to produce nuclear weapons. International inspectors would monitor Iran's facilities, and if Iran is caught breaking the agreement economic sanctions would be imposed again. Do you support or oppose this agreement?"

The survey questionnaire and Topline results are available for downloading on the right side of this overview page -  as are the one-page summary, the press release, the GBA memo on the survey (with some methodological discussion) and crosstabs which analyze survey questions by key variables.


DataBank users should also review the LA Jewish Journal Iran Poll, completed during  approximately the same time period, which used RDD-based telephone survey interviews (cell phone and landlines) and a slightly different question to measure support/opposition to the proposed agreement on nuclear weapons. The LA Jewish Journal Poll was conducted by SSRS under Steven M. Cohen's direction.

The LA Jewish Journal poll question [IR-3]:  "As you may know, an agreement was reached in which the United States and other countries would lift major economic sanctions against Iran, in exchange for Iran restricting its nuclear program in a way that makes it harder for it to produce nuclear weapons. Do you support or oppose this agreement, or don’t know enough to say?"

The J-Street poll summary reports that the magnitude of differences between American Jews and non-Jews is approximately the same in both polls.  Please note that the Jewish Journal Poll includes as "do not know" the responses of those respondents who indicated that they did not know enough to have an opinion, while the J-Street poll does not include any "DK" responses; thus the percentages reported from the two studies as approving the agreement are different in magnitude, while the percentage differences between Jews and non-Jews is approximately the same.

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